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Home Mist -Jardin de la Lune-

Home Mist -Jardin de la Lune-


Earl of East / Jardin de la Lune

ヴェルサイユ宮殿のGrand Trianoという 何百ものチューベローズが栽培されている庭園をイメージして作りました。 チューベローズ、ブラックベリーの葉、オレンジ科のベルガモットをブレンドした魅力的な香りです。敷地に広がる豊富な植物の香りが漂ってくるような、優雅な時間をお楽しみください。


made in England

内容量 100ml


Jardin De La Lune Home Mist Jardin De La Lune - the newest scent from Earl of East London, is a nod to the gardens of Grand Trianon, Versailles. The Grand Trianon was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1670 as a retreat away from the daily pomp of the main palace. Each of the rooms overlooked the gardens awash with both colour and scent. Hundreds of Tuberoses were grown in clay pots and planted directly in the garden beds on a rotational basis to ensure this night blooming floral scent overpowered the grounds. The scent is a luxurious combination of deep tuberose, paired with top notes of blackberry leaf and bergamot and with a base of heady and aromatic cade. Inspired by Travel, Hand Blended in London. Transform the atmosphere with just a few sprays. 100ml [3.5oz]

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